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Just Kids in your pants

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me in your pants

1776 in your pants

Forever In Your Pants

Or: Sense & Sensibility In Your Pants

The Theories and Practices of Hell In Your Pants.

The Neverending Story In Your Pants.

One Day in Your Pants

The Confessions of Catherine de Medici in your pants.

A Feast For Crows In Your Pants

& Much Ado About Nothing In Your Pants

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    Catching fire in your pants
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    O Little Town in your pants
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    The Soft Spot and Other Ways to Quiet a Crying Baby In Your Pants.
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    The Hobbit in your pants. :o :3
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    Fat Hoochie Prom Queen in my pants.
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    The Warlock in your pants, Lord of the Flies in your pants, and 13 Reasons Why in your pants. :D
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    Every Boy’s Got It…in my pants. That…just isn’t right…
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    chelsea chelsea bang bang in your pants.
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    I’m not reading a book right now (a shame I know!) but I just finished reading Let the Right One In!
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    This is Where I Leave You In My Pants
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    The Help in your pants…. oooooo dirty
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    A Clockwork Orange in my pants.
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    A Feast for Crows in your pants. It’s more likely than you think?
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    Good Omens in my pants. xD
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    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in my Pants
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    A game of thrones in my pants
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    A Clash Of Kings In My Pants
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    The Great Gatsby in your pants (LOLS!)
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    Without You in your pants
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    Boneshaker in My Pants. Ooooooh yeah.
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    The Dark And Hollow Places In Your Pants
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    Lichens of North America in my pants. I sound diseased.
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    A Feast For Crows In Your Pants & Much Ado About Nothing In Your Pants
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    Bossypants in your pants
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    Are you there Vodka, its me Chelsea in your pants!
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    Bossypants in my pants.
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    I have the best one. The Bone Palace in Your Pants
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    Vegan freak, in your pants ;)
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    Pale Fire In Your Pants it could also be Kindred In Your Pants, but I’d rather it not
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    Xenocide in your pants. Sounds kinky.
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    Well, I’m on PoA now, so yes we’re nerds. NOT A PROBLEM.
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    Misogyny in your pants. Oh my gods. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over how accurate that is to the current...
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    The Looming Towers in my pants
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    A Study in Scarlet in My Pants.
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    Doc [Holliday] in your pants. Do want?